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Welcome to the my blog, a practical information site on health. You will also find articles that have different natural health practices.

A blog for your well-being!

This site was created to be a source of verified and useful information for people who wish to implement the precept that it is “better safe than sorry …”
We think these practices can help you be informed of modern world diseases such as obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, stress and also know how to live healthy and happy.

The approach of alternative medicine as a philosophy of life, in addition to conventional medicine seems now essential to live fit and healthy.
This Blog wants to share with you this spirit and this vital energy for the welfare of everyone.

Here you will find information that describes a natural approach to your health and your well-being every day. And we systematically check the quality thereof. Besides, there are also some articles about home and kitchen, and outdoor sports which also contribute to increase your quality of life.

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